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Our 2021 Championship Show

It was great to be back at Brackley once again for our Championship Show, held on Sunday 21st November.  It was also a great relief that there were no last-minute changes in restrictions that could have caused its cancellation.

Our judges on the day were Mrs Christine Fairbairn (Longcoat dogs), Ms Alison Foote (Longcoat bitches), Mrs Sharon Robson (Smoothcoat dogs), Miss Christine Veazey (Smoothcoat bitches) and Mr David Milton (BOB referee and BIS judge). Below are their principal winners:

Ch Parisland Pans Little Man at Manchino
Best in
Ch Parisland Pans Little Man at Manchino Mrs M-K & Mr P Mann
(Also Smoothcoat BOB & Dog CC winner)
Ch/JapCh Peregrine JP Chance Is Coming Mr WE Heap & Ms J Palmer
(Also Longcoat BOB & Dog CC winner)
Best Puppy
in Show:
Bramerita Posh Totty Mr K & Mrs S Hornby
Kirdanchi Sugar Plum Fairy Mrs S Holland-Smith
(Also Longcoat Bitch RCC winner)
Best Veter-
an in Show:
Stanghurst Antonio Mrs S Stangoe
Bitch CC:
Ch Aristodemos Magic Dance Nikitos Mrs B Sutton
Dog RCC:
Ch Aristodemos Spaceman Nikitos Mrs B Sutton
Bitch RCC:
Yorone Dance Yourself Dizzy Mr SJ Rooney
Bitch CC:
Ch Sleepyhollow Amarantos Mrs L Humphreys
Dog RCC:
Ch Amarantos Tobin Mrs L Humphreys

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MR DAVID MILTON Best in Show judge

Many thanks to the Officers and Committee for inviting me to Judge Best In Show at the Club's Championship Show.  Given the uncertainties of the current times, congratulations must be directed at the club for running a very successful show which was very much appreciated by everyone on the day.  Thanks to the four breed judges for putting through lovely dogs for my consideration.
Best In Show went to Manns' Parisland Pans Little Man at Manchino, not quite 3 years old, Red/White Tri smooth coat male with such attitude.  Lovely head with fabulous eyes and a typical Chihuahua expression.  He's right in every way.  Moved around the ring with drive, showing himself off to perfection.  There was no denying him top honours.
RBIS - Heap & Palmer's Ch/Jpn Ch Peregrine JP Chance Is Coming (Imp Jpn) Pale red 3.5 year old long coat male with good breed type and correct coat, beautifully presented.  He moved well and has all the right attributes, but just lacked a little animation by the end of the day.
Best Puppy in Show - Hornby's Bramerita Posh Totty.  Red smooth coat bitch of such super breed type.  Eyes, ears, dentition and expression all together making a fabulous head.  Topline, tailset, everything where it should be.  Moves and shows herself off to  perfection.  Absolute pleasure to judge this exhibit as this, for me, is what a Chihuahua is all about.  She is a star already.
RBPIS - Holland-Smith's Kirdanchi Sugarplum Fairy.  Fawn long coat bitch.  Very nice typey puppy with pleasing head and correct coat coming along nicely.  Moved well and with confidence.  Maturity should bring this one success.
BVIS - Stangoe's Stanghurst Antonio. 7 year old pale red smooth coat dog who so enjoyed his day out.  Moved steadily around the ring showing off with a veteran's experience.  Strong head with good eyes and nice expression.  Well bodied, good size and in great condition.

MRS CHRISTINE FAIRBAIRN Longcoat Chihuahua Classes (Dogs)

I had the pleasure of judging longcoat Dogs at the British Chihuahua Club, I felt the overall quality was high with some very promising youngsters and top Quality mature dogs in the higher classes. Far more worthy dogs than I had top awards. MPD (8) 1 Lodwick Chantico Sweet Child O Mine of Pocoperro. Fawn and white very showy confident baby, masculine broad skull large expressive eye with well placed ears making a pleasing head piece, straight front with nice angulation to rear. Silky fringing and coat. Res BPD. 2 Todd McCoid L Sanati Soul Ch Emir at Rubyanlo (Imp UKR) Red another very promising baby, super All chi head and expression. well put together with a super show stance , level top line and solid hind quarters. 3 Lee Chilier Sandy. PD (5,3) 1 Todd McCoid Torre Del Pilar Bring Me Sunshine for Rubyanlo (IMP ESP ) Cream , I could rave about this pup and the more I saw him the more I saw to like. Compact outline and small stature pleasing typical head, tight stop with nice size well shaped eyes. Level on top with good tail set carried high . As the day went on his confidence grew BPD. 2 Webber Stanghurst Zigor. Shaded fawn and white good solid structure, level top line with straight front . Tapering muzzle with large expressive eye, lacked confidence but kindly handled and encouraged. JD (5) 1 Holland Smith Chihohit Fovorite only you for Kirdanchi. Cream very flashy young man , he had such balance and very well put together which showed in his super movement, classic head piece large dark eye , good dome to skull tight stop , level on top and tail carried well. In the challenge this youngster pushed hard. A star of the future. 2 Hicks Chiquita De Oro Top Ten at Casiatodo( Imp Hun ) Tri colour small and compact in type, masculine in head with broad skull, good stop large and expressive eye, moved soundly and well , another quality youngster. 3 Evans Lemaritz Endeavour. YD (4,2) 1 Smart-McMullan Doobyave Du Bois . White, black with tan trim a striking combination. A sturdy and well put together fellow who moved well and with drive . Masculine broad skull and good stop . Nice straight front and angulation to hind legs. 2 Edwards Mrs C R Tinasjoy Fabulous Freddy. Cream compact in type, classic chi head and cheeky expression helped by his large dark eye . Ears well placed showed very well. ND (3) 1 Holliste Chihohit Favorite Number one at Hollichi (Imp Bl ) Cream very masculine in head type broad skull good stop with slightly tapering muzzle. Moved swiftly and was very attentive to handler, showed well.2 Todd- McCoid Sanati Soul Ch Fiji Love for Rubyanlo (Imp UK) Red, level topline, well placed tail carried well, compact in structure . Pleasing chi head, nice dome to skull, tight stop good size well placed ears, lacked confidence but quality youngster. 3 Lee Chilier Sammie. GD (2) 1 Platek Tinasjoy Dark Destroyer Fawn sable mature male of substance , nice balance of structure and outline . Typical in head , broad skull good dome and stop, with well placed ears and large attractive eyes. Moved soundly and well with drive. 2 Jones Mariantony's Yasno Solnishko Flickan (Imp Rus) Red and white very classic in head type with nice domed skull, large rounded eye. Was nervous on the day and his tail was down which spoilt his outline but shape improved on the move. PGD (8) 1 Lee Aristodemos Future Legend of Ridgehawk. Red, an alert and compact boy with super outline, I really liked how this fellow was put together. Super chi head, large rounded dark eyes, well placed ears and correct tapering muzzle, level topline with good tail carriage. Nice straight front and angulation to rear. Movement sound with soft silky coat and fringing. 2 Poyner Sleepyhollow Rupert. Cream another quality boy, compact with pleasing outline, level top line with well set happy tail. Super head type, good dome and stop with nice straight front. 3 Davis Mrs J Donami Samuel Button at Chibull. LD (4) 1 Wills Dorenty Myboyclyde. Pale fawn super showman, classic in head type broad skull with tight stop with larger rounded shining eyes . A balanced outline with level topline and good tail carriage. Straight front with nicely angulated stifles . Presented in beautiful condition. 2 Morley Mrs Corentin Chidonna with Efterpi (Imp Pol) Cream super chi head and expression, domed skull with correct tapering muzzle, rounded large eye, tail carried up with lashings of feathering, tail carried well. 3 McAllister Bermac Blazing Glory JW. OD (5) 1 Heap & Palmer Mr W E Ms J Ch/JPN Ch Peregrine JP Chance Is Coming ( Imp JPN ) Fawn For me this boy has the look and feel of quality and as I examined him on the table and watched him move I just became more impressed. Head outstanding chi shape, great dome and stop with that cheeky expression large rounded eye, yes he is gorgeous and knows it. Compact with balance of shape , level on top with straight sound front and super angulation. In outstanding condition with soft silky coat texture, CC dog. 2 Berrington Ellochi Crazy Nights For Pappersley. Fawn and white a pleasing mature dog, classic chi head type , broad skull well placed ears and rounded dark eye, level on top with well placed tail with super straight front, moved briskly. 3 Green Ellochi Chasing Stars JW. Champion Dog (3) 1 Humphreys Ch Amarantos Tobin. Just so full of himself such super confidence. Very classic in chi head type, good dome to skull tight stop. large flaring ears with rounded large sparkling eyes. Well constructed and compact, level topline and well set tail, such a quality boy with the spark we all crave RCC dog. 2 Rooney Ch Parisland the Gigolo with Yorone. Such a hard class to judge with two such quality exhibits as this boy and the first and it was down to splitting hairs. Fawn with a beautiful and typical head with that saucy chi expression good stop and apple domed skull , outline was balanced and movement sound with a brisk action and good reach in fore limbs 3 Hill Ch Lynpix The Mexican With Becanna. VD (4) 1 Hill Lynpix Little Wulf With Becanna. Shaded fawn, broad apple dome head giving a masculine look with good stop, rounded eye with cheeky chi expression. Soft silky coat and in tremendous condition. Moved well in class but lost his tail and mojo while I was writing up but still a fine gentleman. 2 McAllister Bermac Blaze Ahead. Compact and dapper little dog, super typical head type moderate tapering muzzle. Good level top line held well on the move with nice well set on tail, swift mover, well bodied and in good condition. 3 Todd-McCoid Bratilda Barbotage JW

MS ALISON FOOTE Longcoat Chihuahua Classes (Bitches)

I enjoyed my day judging and was reassured with the depth of quality. Exhibits on the whole were of good type and construction, with the majority sound moving, with fronts especially strong. Heads in general were strong and refined with less prevalence of heavy muzzles than I've previously found. Mouths were on the whole good, Temperaments were good with the majority of exhibits shown in good condition, although a fair number were on the heavy side, which took away from their balance and outline. MPB (9,0) 1st Bramerita I'm Dusty. Very smart, classy blue cream puppy. Really scored in outline with excellent tail set. Moved square both back and front, with good driving hind angulation. Lovely head with good deep stop and large flaring ear. Should have a good future. 2nd Stanghurst Amazing Grace. Really well constructed red and white puppy. Nice head with deep stop and good ear. Really sound moving, both back and front , with good carriage. Just preferred the drive or presence of the winner. 3rd Pepeelolynn Iced Tea. PB (6,0) 1st Kirdanchi Sugarplum Fairy. Dark Fawn, Beautiful, refined puppy who really took my eye. Really scored in outline, with level topline, good reach of neck, good hind angulation and excellent tail set and carriage. Sound moving with good shoulder placement. Beautiful, refined, feminine head with deep stop, good height of dome and truly melting expression. Should have a bright future Res CC, Best Puppy in Show. 2nd Zuvans Cover Girl, white cream bitch, who moved soundly with drive. Nice head, with good deep stop and large flaring ear. Moved square both back and front, with correct shoulder placement and good rear angulation. Just preferred the carriage and the balance of the winner, but another lovely puppy. 3rd Ahua Casa Grande Lavaca NAF. JB (5,0) 1st Maciendas Gaia. Very elegant, fine boned puppy, who scored in outline with good length of neck and correct tail carriage. Nice head, with deep stop and flaring ear. Moved soundly, with really good shoulder placement. Shown in lovely condition, in lovely coat and furnishings. Res Best BP 2nd Kirdanchi La Sylphide. Typey puppy, with really saucy head and expression, not overdone in any way, with good deep stop and correct height of dome. A pleasure to go over on the table, standing really fore square, with excellent front. Scored in outline with excellent tail carriage. Unfortunately crabbing whilst on the move, so difficult to assess her movement. 3rd Pixels Moonlit Sea. YB (3,1) 1st Tresbellechi Mon Cherie avec Rubyanlo. Cream bitch with nice head, good deep stop and flaring ear. Looked good in outline with correct reach of neck and good tail carriage. Strong hind action. 2nd Parisland Love in Bloom via Lynpix. Strong headed bitch, with melting head and feminine expression and large flaring ear. Moved well but preferred outline and carriage of the winner NB (3,1) 1st Neo Fabulous Nadia Christine. Very coaty, glamorous cream. Well-constructed, scoring in outline, with good tail set and carriage. Very strong, well angulated hind action. Typical head and expression, with correct round apple dome. 2nd Friend Forever at Kamroschis. Fine black and tan, with the sweetest of heads, with deep stop, apple dome good flaring ear. Moved well especially in front. Just preferred the carriage and finish of the winner. GB (3,1) 1st Trefnanney Peggy Sue. Typey tri colour, with truly copybook head, with large dark expressive eyes, large well place ears, deep stop and nice fine muzzle. Really good front, with well laid back shoulders. Shown in good coat. 2nd Flickan Fragrance Glamorous cream with beautiful feminine head and expression with large flaring ears and deep stop. Preferred the balance of the winner. PGB (9,1) 1st Dorenty's Heidi Hi. Cream fawn, loved her type and confirmation. Really sound, both back and front, moving with drive, with well angulated hind quarters. Lovely feminine head and expression with deep stop. Won on femininity and type. 2nd Lemaritz Cast a Spell. Another beautifully constructed bitch, who was one of the soundest movers of the day. Excellent confirmation, with really well laid shoulders, spirit level topline and well angulated hind legs. Nice head and expression, with fine muzzle, deep stop and good ears. 3rd Flickan Flory. LB (8,1) 1st Baralicia Lady Platinum. Really well constructed bitch, by far the soundest moving in the class, moving square back and front with excellent shoulder placement . Lovely feminine head with large melting expressive eyes and deep stop. Won on type and conformation. 2nd Oozora Queen of Mystery JW. Really typey blue fawn, with the most beautiful head and expression, round apple dome and saucy expression. Well balanced, and really scored in outline and carriage. 3RD Sunny Lion Varvara Donami (Imp UKR). OB (7,0) 1st Chirouxe Cracklin Rosie Maciendas, very typey red sable type, with nice head and expression, with deep stop and large ear. Scored in outline with excellent reach of neck, good topline, well angulated hind quarters and correct tail set. Moved well with good shoulder placement. 2nd Baralicia Go Gay JW. Very typey with lovely feminine head and expression, with deep stop and correct apple dome. Very sound moving especially in hind movement. Just starting to show her age. 3RD Lemaritz Head Over Heels. Champion Bitch (3,0) 1st Ch Sleepyhollow Sonia Amarantos. Really classy cream fawn bitch with all the essentials. Beautiful sculpted feminine head and expression, with true apple dome and large flaring ears. Really well constructed with excellent confirmation and balance. One of the soundest movers of the day with strong forceful hind action and straight front. Very smart in outline with good reach of neck and good tail carriage. Lovely size and weight of bone. Pleasure to award her CC. 2nd Ch Ridgehawk Savanna. typey red sable, with beautiful, refined head with dark lustrous eye and large flaring ear. Really scored in outline, with good reach of neck and correct tail carriage. Sound moving, with good shoulder placement and shown in excellent condition. Not a lot to split her from the winners today but just preferred the balance of the winner. 3rd Ch Lemaritz Liberty Belle. VB (8,0) 1st Ch Oxsirius Neon Tiger. 7 year old of excellent confirmation and balance. Really scored in outline with good topline, arched neck and well angulated hindquarters. Moved square both back and front, with good driving hind action. Lovely feminine head and expression. Shown in great condition. 2nd Loroso Sasha Simone Small, dainty black and tan, shown in great condition, in fantastic coat and featherings. Beautiful feminine head and expression with well set ears. Scored really well in outline. 3rd Ch Shumagada Isadora Duncan of Amberetta ShCM.

MISS CHRISTINE VEAZEY Smoothcoat Chihuahua Classes (Bitches)

Many thanks to the club for the invitation to judge at this long-awaited show, and all exhibitors for the entries. I found all to be clean and no mouth problems but some nails needed attention. I was glad to have hands on such quality girls.
MINOR PUPPY BITCH (10,1) A fine class of puppies. 1st Hollister's Copymear Cleopatra at Hollichi (NAF), very smart girl in fine coat. Typical head, well placed ears, good reach of neck and level topline, and correct tail. Moved soundly and showed well, a little girl with a good future. 2nd Poyner's Mikichi Marquise, sparkling white with good head shape, neck length, level topline and tailset, sound moving fore and aft. 3rd Ginger & Parkinson's Copymear War Paint. PUPPY (4,1) 1st, BP and BPIS, Hornbys' Bramerita Posh Totty. Very smart youngster with very promising future, well shaped good stop, well placed ears, level topline with flat furry tail, straight front and good turn of stifle, moved with drive. 2nd Aylett's Lady Queen Of DIamonds, blue fawn, good outline, moved well front and rear, stayed level, mouth good, well placed ears. 3rd Slavinec's Copymear Painted Pony (NAF). JUNIOR (8) 1st Taylor's Arkoschi Dancing In The Ruff. Blue fawn, well bodied, correct head shape, stop and muzzle giving a good outline. In tune with her handler. 2nd Brooks' Manchino Lilac Daiquiri, very similar in type to 1st but not as outgoing. 3rd Crowley's Crystalchi Parti Pris. YEARLING (4) 1st Taylor's Arkoschi Dream Big. Blue fawn of nice size and shape, sound in movement front and rear, happy and outgoing, showed well. 2nd Branch's Phydeaux Simply Red, red, smaller than 1, good head and expression, level on the move. 3rd Hicks' Chiquita De Oro Oh La La at Casiatodo. NOVICE (4,1) 1st Brooks' Manchino Lilac Daiquiri. 2nd Entwistle's Dorenty Daisy Chain, pale red girl of good size, very shy and not easy to assess but sound overall with good mouth. 3rd Lovric's Lovchi Trust And Pixie Dust. GRADUATE (6,1) 1st Sutton's Nikitos Nudge The Judge. Dark cream, good mouth, stop and well-placed ears, well made body level on the move. Very outgoing. 2nd Jones' Princess Paisley by Pepeetolynn, black and tan, well bodied, good mouth, definite stop and apple domed head. Showed well. 3rd Grey's Lemaritz Minnie Mouse. POSTGRADUATE (7,1) 1st Jones' Pretty Posie by Pepeetolynn. Black & tan, well-bodied as her half sister, good mouth and stop, good shape to head and level topline, sound mover. 2nd Davis' Chibull Boom Shakalak, cream. Stood well, apple domed head, dark round eyes, moved well front and rear. 3rd Wilcox's Amtula All That Jazz.LIMIT (8) 1st and RCC Yorone Dance Yourself Dizzy. Pale gold and white, very smart and outgoing show girl with good times ahead. Good mouth, correct head and muzzle, reach of neck and level topline. Moved soundly, showed well. 2nd Cove's Yveanjelic Best China for Mitimnu, black & tan, sound bodied, up to size but moved soundly giving a good outline. 3rd Sutton's Neversaidnuffin. OPEN (3) 1st and CC Sutton's Aristodemos Magic Dance Nikitos. Deep cream quality girl, good mouth and correct head shape, good reach of neck and level back with sickle tail, sound movement with drive front and rear. 2nd Grey's Shoopshoop Lady Zsa Zsa, light cream, happy outgoing, sweet head and expression, good outline, move soundly. 3rd Wilcox's Bramerita Talulah Truffle. VETERAN (1) 1st Ch Lozek Rhapsody In Blue Nikitos, cream, in lovely condition for her ten years. Stood alone, but very happy and outgoing, well bodied, good head, well placed ears, dark eyes and nose, moved very soundly for her handler.

MRS SHARON ROBSON Smoothcoat Chihuahua Classes (Dogs)

Thank you to the committee for the invitation to judge smoothcoat chihuahua dogs at this prestigious breed club championship show.  Judging was split this year with fellow judge Ms Christine Veazey, with BOB, BP and BV in breed to be decided jointly, luckily we were both in agreement with all of these.  Thanks also to my two hard working stewards Pauline and Louise.  Delighted our choices went on to win BIS, BPIS and BVIS.
MINOR PUPPY DOG (9,1) 1. HUMPHREYS - AMARANTOS BLUE MOON - super little blue fawn baby.  Stood out in this large class of promising youngsters.  Loved his expression, with good length of muzzle, deep stop and good ear placement.  Won this class with ease, just missed out on maturity for best puppy dog, but he is a baby and his time will come.  I will watch his progress with interest, one to watch.  2. ROONEY AND GREEN - ANADEIA TOKALA WITH JASCHIN - larger cream boy with pleasing outline.  Level topline and good tail set and carriage.  Moved well.  Not as animated as winner and would improve on sorting out tear staining, but good honest puppy.  3. HICKS - SHADOW HUNTER DE PETIT ROI MOJITO AT CASIATODO (IMP DEU)
PUPPY DOG (2) 1. LYONS - BONDOR GIVEN ARFA CHANCE FOR AKASHIC - smart mature puppy.  Well muscled and in tip top condition.  Moved with drive coming and going.  Super outline.  Good ring presence for one so young.  BPD, pushed hard for best puppy, on another day he could have done it. 2. HALLS - JORAZAN TOP GUN FLYER - nice cream boy. Good outline, topline and tail set. Pleasing head with good ear placement and dark pigment. Good honest boy. Moved well with drive. JUNIOR DOG (2) 1. HALL - JORAZAN TOP GUN FLYER - AS PREVIOUS 2. HICKS - PABLO DEL REY DE PETTIT ROI MOJITO AT CASIATODO (IMP DEU) - nice little fawn with black mask. Pleasing head, large dark eye. Not handled to full potential today but hopefully they will take my advise for future shows, giving him a better chance. YEARLING DOG (3) 1. LANE - DENIQUE ON THE ROCKS - red and white male. Masculine in looks with large dark eye, nice muzzle length. Large flaring ears. Level topline. Smart mover. 2. SLAVINEC - CHARONCHI COSMIC CHARLIE - red male of good type. Not very happy today and dropped his tail. 3. HICKS - PABLO DEL REY DE PETTIT ROI MOJITO AT CASIATODO (IMP DEU) NOVIC DOG (1) 1. HALLS - JORAVAN TOP GUN FLYER - AS PREVIOUS GRADUATE DOG (2,1) 1. SLAVINEC - CHARONCHI COSMIC CHARLIE - AS PREVIOUS POST GRADUATE (3) 1. HICKS - CHIQUITA DE ORO NOIR MIDNIGHT AT CASIATODO (IMP HUN) - nice masculine tri boy. Pleasing to the eye in profile and on closer examination. Striking head with large dark eye, good length of muzzle and correct ear set. Strode out with drive covering the ring with ease. Nice boy 2. MORRIS - MIKICHI MY MOONLIGHT - nice blue fawn boy. Super shape, level topline, good spring of rib. Moved well, just preferred head proportions of winner. 3. MCALLISTER - BERMAC BOLT OUT OF THE BLUE LIMIT DOG (6) 1. LANE- DENIQUE HEYPRESTO - super, compact boy. Red and white. Loved his shape and balance , and my preferred size. Melting expression with large dark eye, deep stop and good dentition. Full of attitude and won this class with ease, unfortunately he lost his sparkle in the challenge, such a shame as i did like him a lot, but im sure he will have his day. 2. HICKS - CHIQUITA DE ORO NOIR MIDNIGHT AT CASIATODO (IMP HUN) 3. HALLS - JORAZAN APOLLO CREED OPEN DOG (6,1) 1. SUTTON - ARISTODEMOS SPACEMAN NIKITOS - judged this boy as a puppy and he has matured well. Good shape and balance. Liked his level topline and tail set and carriage. Jet black pigment which is striking on this colour. Moved well around the ring. Showed well. RCC 2. MURRAY - DAVIXITY NIJINSKY - smart tri. Liked his head and expression. Gleaming coat. Broad skull, well set ears and good dentition. Sound movement. 3. WELLS - PEEPETOLYN OBSIDIAN AT DOLLYBEAU JW CHAMPION DOG (1) 1. MANN - PARISLAND PANS LITTLE MAN AT MANCHINO - very striking red and white parti coloured boy. Such a good outline, spirit level topline, correct tail set and carriage. Nice turn of stifle which enables him to stride out in style. Melting expression. Particularly drawn to his ring presence, this boy never stops showing and has that 'look at me' attitude that i always look for. Couldnt deny him DCC. Then with my fellow judge we both agreed to award him BOB. Delighted to see him go on to win Best in show under breed specialist judge Mr David Milton VETERAN DOG (2) 1. STANGOE - STANGHURST ANTONIO - lovely boy, compact, with sound movement. This boy really knows how to enjoy his time in the spotlight. BVD, again agreed him BVIB, and later taking BVIS 2. LOVIC - COPYMEAR LITTLE CEASAR AT LOVCHI - another lovely oldie. Larger type than 1. Lovely to see the veterans looking so well and still enjoying showing. Also jointly judged bitch puppy HORNBY - BRAMERITA POSH TOTTY - lovely typy girl. Red with jet black pigment. Good head proportions and expression. BPIB and later best puppy in show

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