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Membership of The British Chihuahua Club is open to all, subject to approval of the Committee.  The aims of the Club, as laid down in our rules, are: to promote interest in, and to encourage the breeding and exhibiting of, Chihuahuas;  to maintain a high standard in the breed by following the description as laid down in the official standard adopted by the Kennel Club;  and to assist members to co-operate in the best interests of the breed.

The Club is not just for breeders and exhibitors at dog shows, although this is a large part of our purpose since we hold an Open Show and a Breed Championship Show every year, under the auspices of The Kennel Club.  We are a club for anyone who owns and loves Chihuahuas.  Our Club also supports the British Chihuahua Club Rescue Association (BCCRA) which works to rescue and rehome unwanted or abandoned Chihuahuas, or those whose owners may no longer be able to care for them.

All members must agree to abide by the rules of the Club, and also our Code of Ethics which govern how we should look after the animals in our care.  There is a subscription of £4 for UK & Eire members or £5 for overseas members, payable on January 1st each year, £40 (UK) or £50 (overseas) for a period of 12 years.

If you are interested in becoming a member of The British Chihuahua Club, please read through the rules and the Code of Ethics to be sure you are prepared to abide by them, then download and complete the form below and return it with the appropriate fee to the Hon Treasurer at the address on the form.  Your application will be presented for approval at the next Committee meeting.  If possible, the form should also be signed by two existing members of the club who are willing to propose and second your application, otherwise please also enclose a brief note about yourself and why you are interested in joining the club.

For existing members, renewals can be made by post accompanied by cash, cheque or postal order (Link to downloadable form below), or you may find it more convenient to renew online and pay by PayPal using a debit or credit card. There is a small additional charge for this method to cover the PayPal fees.

Download links

Code of Ethics of The British Chihuahua Club

Rules of The British Chihuahua Club

Application to join The British Chihuahua Club

Form to renew membership by post

Renew subscription online (existing members only)

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