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A Closer Look at the Chihuahua
by Laurence Fitt-Savage


To get the heel pad beneath the centre of the shoulder requires a slight bend at the pastern joint.  If the pasterns are too upright, weight will be thrown forward onto the toes, risking damage to the foot.  The standard's 'straight forelegs' refers to the legs as seen from the front.  If completely straight (side view) from elbow to heel, the leg muscles are constantly at work equalising the pull forwards and back, so that the leg tends to quiver.  If the muscles are weak the pastern will knuckle over.  If the pastern bends forward too much there is constant strain on the muscles of foot and leg, and displace certain small bones in the foot.

Viewed from the front the foreleg should be straight from point of shoulder to the pad.  However to be in complete balance the foot may incline inwards slightly from the vertical, to ensure that the foot is vertically beneath the centre of gravity of the shoulder blade.

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Reproduced from the British Chihuahua Club Handbook 1987

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