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A Closer Look at the Chihuahua
by Laurence Fitt-Savage


Although large, a Chihuahua's eyes should not protrude, as this would increase the risk of injury.  Bulging, frog eyes are not attractive, and are particularly prone to weeping and damage.  Weeping of the eyes is quite a common problem in Chihuahuas, the most serious cause is ingrowing lashes, but draughts, dust and the moulting of the fine short hair around the eyes are also causes.  When injured the eyeball often turns cloudy blue, either in whole or just around the injury.  This should not be confused with the staring, light blue 'wall eyes' (common in merle collies) which look uncanny and unattractive, and are not the light eyes permitted by the standard.  The ruby eye is associated with pale pigmentation of the nose, in light coloured Chihuahuas, and reflects a most attractive colour in the dark.

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Reproduced from the British Chihuahua Club Handbook 1987

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